Wacom Intuos Draw Owners

Wacom Intuos Draw owners

Getting Started with ArtRage Lite and the Wacom Intuos Draw

” The Draw is Wacom’s most popular and least expensive entry-level tablet, perfect for beginner digital artists looking for a reliable graphics tablet that will last for years. And with the included ArtRage software, the Intuos Draw is an exceptional value.”

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Wacom Intuos Draw art tablet with ArtRage Lite

The Wacom Intuos Draw comes with ArtRage Lite.

ArtRage Lite comes included with the Intuos Draw tablets from Wacom. The Intuos Draw is an entry level tablet aimed at beginners and casual users. Wacom selected ArtRage Lite as an accessible art program with all the essential tools for anyone who wants to learn how to paint on a computer.

Aside from the useful but boring digital editing features like transform, layers and undo, ArtRage’s uniquely awesome real media makes digital art fun. No other program lets you scatter glitter into your watercolor paint, or mixes oils so realistically.

ArtRage Lite also includes a significant discount on ArtRage 5, allowing you to unlock advanced painting features as your skills improve, while being able to keep using a familiar program.

However, before you can get started with your new Intuos art software, you need to find your ArtRage Lite serial and install the program. See the rest of this page for helping registering your software, receiving your serial number and troubleshooting any issues.

Already set up and ready to paint? Then check out Wacom’s ArtRage Lite Intuos Draw art tutorials!


ArtRage Lite Version 5

ArtRage Lite was updated from version 4.5.10 to 5.0.4 in April 2017. This is a free update for all existing users. If the version that you downloaded from Wacom was version 4.5.10, register your ArtRage Lite serial in the members area to download the latest version.

There will be continuing updates going forward to keep ArtRage Lite consistent with the full edition (currently ArtRage 5), but the switch from version 4 to version 5 is a major update that we do not want anyone to miss out on.

New Features in ArtRage Lite 5

  • Improved Performance
  • Updated Interface
  • Canvas Lighting toggle
  • Canvas Positioner
  • Ink Pen Opacity
  • ArtRage 5 Discount added to Help menu
  • Paste from External Clipboard
  • Learn more

Install ArtRage Lite and Find Your Serial Number

Note: We have no direct access to your customer details with Wacom, and they may change the process or wording slightly at any time. It may also vary by region.

To get started with your awesome new art program, you’ll need to download and install it from Wacom (or us!). You will also need to get your serial number from Wacom.

To get your ArtRage Lite serial number, you need to register your tablet and the SBD key you get from Wacom.

  1. Find your SBD (software bundle download) key
  2. Register with Wacom
  3. Add ArtRage Lite to your software library
  4. Download from Wacom and copy the serial from your Wacom software Library
  5. [optional] Register in our Member Area

Which Number is the Serial Number? (Find the SBD key)

You will have an SBD (Software Bundle Download) key to register with Wacom. This can usually be found on the sticker on the envelope of your driver DVD.


The software bundle download key may only be referred to as an ‘SBD key’ and it is usually 23 digits long (although they may now be 25 digits long as more codes are issues), in a very similar format to our ArtRage 3/4/Lite serial numbers. This makes it very easy to mix up with the ArtRage serial number. It won’t work as the serial number for ArtRage, but if you register it with Wacom, it will ‘unlock’ your software downloads. You can register your Wacom tablet here.

ArtRage Lite serial format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Your ArtRage Lite serial number will be a mixture of capital letters and numbers, 25 digits long, broken up into groups of 5

If you can’t find your serial:

Once you have registered your SBD key in your Wacom account, you should be able to download ArtRage Lite and view your serial. If you didn’t see it:

  • Check the ‘My Library’ section of your Wacom account. The serial number should be visible in the downloads section
  • If it is not there, contact Wacom support. We can’t help you, as only Wacom has access to your Wacom details.

How to download your Wacom Intuos art software

Once you have registered and ‘unlocked’ the software included with your tablet, you will be able to download ArtRage Lite from the Wacom downloads section of your account or directly from us.

Wacom offers a maximum of two downloads for one of Mac OSX or Windows. You can download your software an unlimited number of times for both Mac OSX and Windows directly from our Member Area.


Upgrade to ArtRage 5

If you want to use the more advanced features in ArtRage 5, such as Symmetry, Real Color Blending and creating your own custom brushes, you can upgrade with a 30% discount from ArtRage Lite.

To upgrade from ArtRage Lite, open the program and go to Help > Upgrade to ArtRage 5. This will take you to our online store with the 30% discount automatically applied.

Alternatively, you can also access your upgrade discount through the member area without ever installing ArtRage Lite. Just register your serial number with us, and use the ‘Upgrade to ArtRage 5’ button.

Also see the Upgrades page and How Do I Register ArtRage?


Optional Member Area Registration: Better Download Options, More Support & Upgrade Discounts

Once you’ve successfully registered with Wacom, you can download ArtRage, enter the serial number and start painting. However, you also have the option of registering your serial number in our Member Area.

We highly recommend registering directly with us because it will allow us to actually support you easily in the future (rather than having to send you to Wacom because we don’t know which edition you have or what your serial number should be).

It will also give you a few other benefits:

  • Unlimited downloads whenever you need to reinstall ArtRage Lite
  • Access to the most recent version.
  • The option to download both Windows and Mac OSX versions whenever your need them (Wacom only allows you to choose one OS).
  • A safe place to keep your serial number, so that you never lose your copy of ArtRage.
  • Access to our upgrade discount – you will be able to get a 30% discount if you ever want to upgrade to our full edition, ArtRage 5.

To register:

  1. Click ‘create account’ and follow the instructions if you haven’t done so before
  2. Log in, then click ‘register’ and enter your serial number. Click ‘save’ and refresh the page.

You should now see your serial number listed on the page and you can click ‘download’ to download any of the latest versions (Windows or OS X).

Still Need Help?

Check out our FAQs for Wacom related topics. If that doesn’t solve your problem, we’re always happy to help directly. Just drop us an email via the Tech Support form.