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If you can’t open your ArtRage Touch painting files, they are probably too large for the app. There is an issue with some devices with larger screen resolutions overriding the canvas size defaults – basically, they have created paintings too large for the app to re-open.

If you have a licence for a desktop version of ArtRage, then just install that on your Surface Pro (or other device), open them, and change them to be 2048×2048 pixels or less and it should solve it. The free demo will work as well, but it will save the files as much smaller paintings (maximum size is 1280×1024).

If you keep an eye on the canvas size when creating new paintings, you can manually change it down to 2048 pixels or less for width and height and avoid this problem.

The canvas size in the ArtRage mobile editions is capped for memory reasons. These apps run on a wide range of devices, and many have very limited memory and processing power available. Canvas size is on of the most memory intensive features, so the app implements a maximum size.

Maximum Canvas Sizes in the Mobile ArtRage Apps

ArtRage for iPhoneArtRage for iPad on iPad 1 devicesArtRage for iPad on iPad 2 and later, iPad Pro 9″ArtRage for iPad on iPad Pro 11″ArtRage TouchArtRage for Android
960 x 6401400 x 14002048 x 20484096 x 40962048 x 20482048 x 2048
If you need a larger painting, it is possible, in some cases, to resize your work. See How to Increase the Size of Your ArtRage Mobile Paintings and How to choose a Canvas Size in ArtRage for tips.

Desktop Editions

The desktop editions do not have a set upper limit, but your computer will eventually run out of memory. The point at which this becomes unworkable will vary, depending on what you want to do, what your painting is using, and how powerful your computer is.

If you’re using the latest desktop version (4.5), it has 64 bit support and can work at very large file sizes, easily up to 15,000 pixels on most computers. It can save larger files, but is limited by your computer memory and speed, so you may have trouble working with files larger than that.

If you’re using ArtRage 4.0.6 or earlier, the maximum canvas size isn’t limited, but the lack of 64 bit support means that most computers will struggle with larger sizes. 8,000-10,000 is the practical upper limit for most people. You can create larger canvases, but you may encounter very slow working speeds and instability.

Mobile Editions

If you’re using one of the mobile editions, then the maximum canvas size is capped at 2048 x 2048 with a few exceptions.

  • ArtRage for iPad on iPad Pro 11″: 4096 x 4096
  • ArtRage for iPad on iPad 1 devices: 1400 x 1400
  • ArtRage for iPhone: 960 x 640

Tips for Creating Larger Canvases

  • Start with a smaller area and then expand the canvas as you work
  • Fill large areas (e.g. backgrounds) at smaller sizes, then resize the canvas.
  • Avoid memory intensive tools (e.g. Transform, Watercolors, the Soft Palette Knife)
  • Create a smaller canvas, collapse all the layers and resize it upwards, then touch up any fine details
  • Record your painting as a script (available in ArtRage Studio Pro, ArtRage 4 and ArtRage for iPad) and then play it back at a larger size in ArtRage Studio, ArtRage Studio Pro and ArtRage 4.

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