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Frequently Asked Questions

Desktop Editions

The desktop editions do not have a set upper limit, but your computer will eventually run out of memory. The point at which this becomes unworkable will vary, depending on what you want to do, what your painting is using, and how powerful your computer is.

If you’re using the latest desktop version (4.5), it has 64 bit support and can work at very large file sizes, easily up to 15,000 pixels on most computers. It can save larger files, but is limited by your computer memory and speed, so you may have trouble working with files larger than that.

If you’re using ArtRage 4.0.6 or earlier, the maximum canvas size isn’t limited, but the lack of 64 bit support means that most computers will struggle with larger sizes. 8,000-10,000 is the practical upper limit for most people. You can create larger canvases, but you may encounter very slow working speeds and instability.

Mobile Editions

If you’re using one of the mobile editions, then the maximum canvas size is capped at 2048 x 2048 with a few exceptions.

  • ArtRage for iPad on iPad Pro 11″: 4096 x 4096
  • ArtRage for iPad on iPad 1 devices: 1400 x 1400
  • ArtRage for iPhone: 960 x 640

Tips for Creating Larger Canvases

  • Start with a smaller area and then expand the canvas as you work
  • Fill large areas (e.g. backgrounds) at smaller sizes, then resize the canvas.
  • Avoid memory intensive tools (e.g. Transform, Watercolors, the Soft Palette Knife)
  • Create a smaller canvas, collapse all the layers and resize it upwards, then touch up any fine details
  • Record your painting as a script (available in ArtRage Studio Pro, ArtRage 4 and ArtRage for iPad) and then play it back at a larger size in ArtRage Studio, ArtRage Studio Pro and ArtRage 4.

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How to Increase the Size of Your ArtRage for iPad & Android Paintings

Because ArtRage mobile editions have capped canvas sizes, you may want to create larger images to print from. The two ways to do this are to resize your finished images, or record a script and play it back in the desktop edition later. See How to Increase the Size of Your ArtRage Mobile Paintings for tips.

ArtRage 4.5 offers an online printing service, which allows you to upload images directly from ArtRage and order your own original canvases, prints and cards online. If you would like to design your painting specifically for one of these products, then we recommend that you use the following image sizes.


1. Optimum:

The recommended image size for perfect printing.

2. Minimum recommended

The lowest recommended file size.

3. Minimum allowed:

The lowest size that the website will accept and may not print at perfectly quality. It is there to give you a choice, in case you cannot upload a larger file.

Note:Any image area left blank (ie. top and bottom if an image is set to ‘fill’) will reproduce as unprinted material. This is not recommended on gallery frames or canvas prints as it will create an undesirable finish within the frame mat and canvas edge.


Folded Note Cards 13 x 163.8mm
  1. 1935 x 1335px (300 ppi)
  2. 967 x 667px (150 ppi)
  3. 755 x 521px (117ppi)

Postcards 163.8 x 113mm
  1. 1335 x 1936px (300 ppi)
  2. 667 x 968px (150 ppi)
  3. 521 x 755px (117ppi)


Mini 100 x 100mm
  1. 1181 x 1181px (300 ppi)
  2. 591 x 591px (150 ppi)
  3. 461 x 461px (117ppi)

Small Portrait 101.6 x 152.4mm
  1. 1200 x 1800px (300ppi)
  2. 600 x 900px (150ppi)
  3. 468 x 702px (117ppi)

Small Landscape 152.4 x 101.6mm
  1. 1800 x 1200px (300ppi)
  2. 900 x 600px (150ppi)
  3. 702 x 468px (117ppi)

Large Portrait 228.6 x 304.8mm
  1. 2700 x 3600px (300 ppi)
  2. 1350 x 1800px (150ppi)
  3. 972 x 1296px (108ppi)

Large Landscape 304.8 x 228.6mm
  1. 2701 x 3600px (300 ppi)
  2. 1351 x 1800px (150ppi)
  3. 973 x 1296px (108ppi)


Medium Landscape 152 x 114mm
  1. 1795 x 1346px (300ppi)
  2. 898 x 673px (150ppi)
  3. 646 x 485px (108ppi)

Medium Portrait 114 x 152mm
  1. 1346 x 1795px (300ppi)
  2. 673 x 898px (150 ppi)
  3. 485 x 646px (108ppi)

Large Landscape 292 x 219mm
  1. 3449 x 2587px (300ppi)
  2. 1724 x 1293px (150ppi)
  3. 1242 x 931px (108ppi)

Large Portrait 219 x 292mm
  1. 2587 x 3449px (300ppi)
  2. 1293 x 1724px (150ppi)
  3. 931 x 1242px (108ppi)


Small Portrait – image wrap 277.5 x 328.3mm
  1. 3278 x 3878px (300ppi)
  2. 1639 x 1939px (150ppi)
  3. 983 x 1163px (90ppi)

Small Portrait – white edge 203.2 x 254mm
  1. 2400 x 3000px (300ppi)
  2. 1200 x 1500px (150ppi)
  3. 720 x 900px (90ppi)

Small Landscape – image wrap 328.3 x 277.5mm
  1. 3878 x 3278px (300dpi)
  2. 1939 x 1639px (150ppi)
  3. 1163 x 983px (90ppi)

Small Landscape – white edge 254 x 203.2mm
  1. 3000 x 2400px (300ppi)
  2. 1500 x 1200px (150ppi)
  3. 900 x 720px (90ppi)


Medium Square – image wrap 379.1 x 379.1mm
  1. 4478 x 4478px (300ppi)
  2. 2239 x 2239px (150ppi)
  3. 1343 x 1343px (90ppi)

Medium Square – white edge 304.8 x 304.8mm
  1. 3600 x 3600px (300ppi)
  2. 1800 x 1800px (150ppi)
  3. 1080 x 1080px (90ppi)


Large Square – image wrap 480.7 x 480.7mm
  1. 5678 x 5678px (300ppi)
  2. 2839 x 2839px (150ppi)
  3. 1703 x 1703px (90ppi)

Large Square – image wrap 406.4 x 406.4mm
  1. 4800 x 4800px (300ppi)
  2. 2400 x 2400px (150ppi)
  3. 1440 x 1440px (90ppi)

Large Portrait – image wrap 480.7 x 582.3mm
  1. 5678 x 6878px (300ppi)
  2. 2839 x 3439px (150ppi)
  3. 1703 x 2063px (90ppi)

Large Portrait – white edge 406.4 x 508mm
  1. 4800 x 6000px (300ppi)
  2. 2400 x 3000px (150ppi)
  3. 1440 x 1800px (90ppi)

Large Landscape – image wrap 582.3 x 480.7mm
  1. 6878 x 5678px (300ppi)
  2. 3439 x 2839px (150ppi)
  3. 2063 x 1703px (90ppi)

Large Landscape – white edge 508 x 406.4mm
  1. 6000 x 4800px (300ppi)
  2. 3000 x 2400px (150ppi)
  3. 1800 x 1440px (90ppi)

More about printing from ArtRage

How To Order Prints Online Through ArtRage

A guide to uploading your images for printing

  1. Create or open your artwork with ArtRage.
    [Insert your amazing artwork here]

    [Insert your amazing artwork here]

  2. Select Order Prints Online in the ArtRage File Menu.
    order printGot to File ><p class=Order Prints Online in ArtRage 4.5.3 or later to start uploading your image” width=”583″ height=”446″ class=”size-full wp-image-6423″ /> Go to File > Order Prints Online in ArtRage 4.5.3 or later to start uploading your image

    Note: If this is the first time you have done this, ArtRage will prompt you to let you know that your image will be uploaded and give you the opportunity to visit this page. If you click OK, and all other times you launch this after the first time, ArtRage starts to upload your image to the MILK & Print server for printing.

  3. Once the upload has finished, your web browser should open with the Milk & Print page visible. You can now select products, and make sure your image is placed correctly on them.

    Store view: order prints online through the MILK store

    Main page of the store: Select a category to choose and edit a product and see a preview of your artwork.

    • If the web page does not automatically appear you can copy the web address from the ArtRage online print panel and paste it in to a web browser. This link will only work once and your past orders will not be stored online or linked to your computer or copy of ArtRage.
    • The store offers a range of products, including cards and canvas prints, but will only display the ones that your image is the correct size and dimensions for.

  4. The product categories use a default image. Choose specific products to see your image displayed. framed gallery print wrapped canvas
  5. You can close the print panel in ArtRage once the image has uploaded. As long as the online print store remains open in your browser, you can look at each product and edit your prints and cards. Click the product preview to edit the image

  6. Select and order your chosen product(s).

Important Information

  • This feature is available as an update to existing versions of ArtRage 4.5. If the ‘Order Prints Online’ is not an option in your File menu, you need to update ArtRage. You can do this by downloading the latest version from the Member Area.

  • For privacy and technical reasons, images and past orders are not stored online. You will need to upload an image every time that you wish to order a new product, and the store link will only work once.

  • If you are uploading a very large image, we recommend that you reduce the file size by flattening all the layers before starting the upload process.

  • All pricing and product information is handled on the print site. The online store will only show you products that your image is large enough for. If you cannot see the sizes and product types that you want, you may need to create a larger painting.

See more at: //www.artrage.com/onlineprint-info/

CMYK Colors

Limiting to CMYK while drawing would cause inaccuracies and poor results in paint blending because the range of colours available in CMYK is smaller. We need the largest range of colour values available for generating partial blend results during paint mixing calculations.

When you convert, the application (Photoshop in this case) converts any non CMYK legal colours in your image. If you painted in CMYK you’d get the same limited palette. This is why ArtRage works in RGB, we try to avoid reducing your colour palette as much as possible.

Why doesn’t ArtRage convert from RGB to CMYK when the painting is finished?

Converting from RGB to CMYK is an advanced operation that ArtRage is not currently suited for. We recommend using programs that are specifically designed for CMYK to convert the final picture.

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