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Frequently Asked Questions

If you got ArtRage Lite as a free download with your Wacom Intuos Draw tablet, Wacom has changed their registration process and no longer emails the serial out. You should be able to view your ArtRage serial by logging back into their website and looking in the ‘My Library’ section. If you’re having problems following the steps, see this Wacom registration guide.

If you can’t find it, contact Wacom support and they should be able to help you (unfortunately, we don’t have access to your account with Wacom). If you have used up your downloads, or need to switch from Windows to Mac OSX (or vice versa), just register your serial in our member area to download your software as needed.

We recommend using our ArtRage 4 demo until you get everything sorted.

If the registration email was in Chinese or another foreign language

When you register your tablet with Wacom, you should be sent an email containing the ArtRage serial number and download instructions. If you were sent an email that wasn’t in English, then you have probably bought a tablet intended for an overseas market, and this meant that Wacom automatically sent you a non-English email. You will need to contact Wacom support directly to get them to help with this.

However, you may be able find the ArtRage serial number in the email by scanning for a series of capitalised letters and numbers.

ArtRage 2 will be 20 digits in this format: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

ArtRage 3 and ArtRage Lite will be 25 digits in this format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Once you have it, you should be able to enter it into ArtRage with no further problems, and start using the program. If you still need to download ArtRage and can’t find a download link in the email, you can download the program from http://members.artrage.com

If you can’t find it, you should be able to view it in the downloads section of your Wacom account. If not, contact Wacom support.

Note: You may find that you have a Chinese edition of ArtRage as well, in which case, we can help with that. If you register it in our member area, and let us know, we can change your licence so that you can download an English version at http://members.artrage.com

I just bought ArtRage and I haven’t received a serial number!

If you purchased ArtRage online through our website then you should receive a purchase confirmation emailing containing a direct download link and a serial number for ArtRage from our store (via Avangate).

If you have purchased the desktop version, there are download links for Windows and Mac OS X and a single serial number you can use on either or both.

If you did not receive a purchase email at all or deleted it

If you do not see an email from us at all, the first thing to do is check your spam folder.

If it’s not there, then give it a couple of hours. Normally it should be received within a few minutes, but in a few rare cases the email delivery could be delayed.

However, if it was blocked from ever reaching you, or if it has since been deleted, contact us directly via our Support form. We will be able to look your purchase details up if you provide the email that you purchased with (or your postal address).

You do not need the download link in the email to install ArtRage, as you can register the serial in our Members Area and download the latest version whenever you wish.

Also See: How do I register my copy of ArtRage?

If you did not purchase ArtRage directly from us, then see How do I find out what my serial number is?

Does ArtRage use Digital Rights Management or use any kind of background services?

The desktop versions of ArtRage do not use DRM, or run any kind of background services. There is no additional software installed, and there are no ads. Once you have successfully installed ArtRage, you do not need an internet connection at all (other than to check for updates. You can ignore this, or even turn it off entirely and check the forums yourself). We do recommend installing updates, however, as they tend to be important fixes or useful new features (see the update histories here).

The iOS apps are linked to your iTunes account and Apple profiles. They do not have any adware or other background services and are purely art apps.

You may install ArtRage on an additional computer for your own use. If you own two computers, upgrade to a new one, or want to temporarily use it elsewhere, then all you have to do is install, enter your serial number, and start drawing.

If you wish to use ArtRage on more computers, contact us for bulk and educational licencing options.

We also recommend uninstalling ArtRage when giving away computers as it is very easy to find the serial number. This could lead to problems for you later if someone else registers it before you do (preventing you from accessing updates), or causes it to be locked.

Registering your serial in the Member Area is optional but recommended.

DRM in the Steam Editions

ArtRage Studio Pro did include DRM when it was originally released on Steam. This was removed in later updates and entirely in ArtRage 4.

It was originally there to allow ArtRage to run through the Steam platform without needing a serial number. The DRM-free version requires users to enter a serial number the first time they launch ArtRage.

This also made it possible to launch ArtRage without the Steam platform.

How to register Steam serial numbers

If you have a Steam bought copy of ArtRage, you will receive all updates through Steam. You will also be eligible for the 50% upgrade discount to the next edition, as long as you upgrade through Steam (note: as we no longer sell ArtRage through Steam, this does not apply. Steam users with ArtRage 4 will be able to upgrade to ArtRage 5 through the member area, as ArtRage 5 will only be available directly from our website).

You can register your Steam serial number in the Member Area, but it will not allow you to download updates, or access the upgrade discount if it is an ArtRage 3 (Studio Pro) serial.

It is not possible to register a normal serial number with Steam.

You can find your serial number by right clicking ArtRage 4 in your Steam library and choosing ‘view CD key’. If you copy this to your clipboard then launch Artrage for the first time, the serial number boxes should be filled out automatically to save you having to enter it manually.

Serial number asked for every launch

Some Windows users have reported that every time they start ArtRage they are prompted to enter their Serial Number. This problem indicates that the application is not being given permission by the operating system to store the serial number in the Registry after it is entered.

To solve the problem, you need to launch ArtRage ‘as Administrator’ once and enter the Serial Number, this allows the application to store the number and it won’t ask for it again when you launch it normally.

How you do this depends on the version of Windows you are using:

Before Windows 8Windows 8
Before Windows 8

To launch ArtRage as Administrator:

  • Locate the ArtRage executable file ( ArtRage.exe , ArtRage Studio Pro.exe or ArtRage Studio.exe). This is generally found in c:\Program Files (x86)\Ambient Design\.
  • Right click the .exe file and choose to Open as Administrator (the exact wording varies depending on your version of Windows).
  • ArtRage will now launch and ask for your Serial Number. Enter it and click OK.
  • Quit ArtRage and launch it normally. It should start without asking for your serial.
Windows 8

Note that the “Before Windows 8” instructions may work on Windows 8 if you are using Desktop Mode to right click on the ArtRage executable. If you are using the ‘Metro’ screen however, you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Start screen (press the Windows button on the device, or your keyboard).
  2. Start typing ‘ArtRage’ on the start screen to search for it.
  3. When it appears, right click on the application and look for the ‘Advanced’ option.
  4. Click on Advanced then select the Run as Administrator option.

If you still have problems: Please contact us via the Support Page for assistance. When you contact us, let us know that you tried these steps, and which version of Windows you are using.

Serial Number or Registration Key says it’s been disabled

If you are receiving a notification when you try to Register your product that your Registration Number or Serial Key has been disabled, here is some reason why and what you can do about it.

Why a Key/Serial could be Disabled:

In general, there are three reasons a key might have been disabled.

  1. If a key is registered by multiple users it can be disabled.
  2. If a key is part of a sale that has been refunded it can be disabled.
  3. If a key has been found distributed on public sites it can be disabled.

Our system automatically disables keys in some of the above situations, and we manually disable keys that we have found being distributed in breach of the software license agreement.

If your Key/Serial has been Disabled:

If your key or serial has been disabled and you do not think it relates to one of the reasons above please contact us via the ArtRage Members Support for help. Please let us know the key/serial in question and the original email address that was used to purchase it if you purchased it from us.

What do I get if I register my copy of ArtRage?

We highly recommend that you register your ArtRage serial number in the member area, because it allows you to:

  • Download the latest version of your software whenever you need it (including when you need to update)
  • Download the different installers for Mac OS X and Windows
  • Keep a record of your serial number in a secure place in case you lose your details
  • Access upgrade discounts to the latest edition

If you are having problems registering, see:

How do I register my copy of ArtRage?

To register a copy of ArtRage to your user account:

  • Log in to the Member Area using your account details.
  • How do I find out what my serial number is?

    Note: Member Area accounts are not created automatically when you purchase the product, if the member area tells you there is no account with your email address, please create one.

  • Click the ‘register’ button next to ‘add new product’ and enter your ArtRage serial number / registration key.
  • Refresh the page if nothing appears to change.
register new product
  • You should now see it listed with a download button beneath which you can click to download any of the latest versions.
  • If you want to upgrade to our most recent edition, you will see an “Upgrade to ArtRage 4” button. This will take you to our online store with a 50% discount applied.
Registered serials in the ArtRage Member Area

Above you can see the three different versions of ArtRage registered to this account (with blurred serials).

Use the “Upgrade to ArtRage 4” button to upgrade to the latest edition at a discount (more about upgrades)

Use the “Download” button to download the latest version of ArtRage for Windows or Mac.

If you do not know your serial number

Follow the steps here: How do I find out what my serial number is?

I have OSX and Windows, do I need to buy a copy for each platform?

ArtRage can be purchased for both Windows & OS X – providing you with one serial key, but two download files depending on what version you wish to use.

Your ArtRage license is for a single user, but if you wish to install on more than one platform for your own use you can register your key in the Member Area and download the installer for any of the platforms the product is available on.

Lost registration or unknown serial number?

If you do not know what your serial number (also known as a licence code or registration key) is, there are various ways to find it again.

If you have previously chosen to register your copy of ArtRage software under the Members Area, then your Profile will contain your serial number. Log in to the Member Area to view serial numbers for all your registered products.

If you have not registered, then we recommend doing so once you find your serial number using the various options listed below:

If ArtRage is installed and working:

ArtRage 4, Lite, 5: Go to Help >ArtRage Serial Number

ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro: Go to Help > Change Serial Number

ArtRage on Steam: You can find your serial number by right clicking ArtRage 4 in your Steam library and choosing ‘view CD key’.

ArtRage 2.6: The serial number is located in the registry files. Contact us for OS specific instructions via our support page

If ArtRage is not installed or came with a third party tablet or device

The location of the serial number varies, depending on how you purchased ArtRage. Choose the option that applies to you below.

Purchased OnlineWacomPre-installed on Sony, ASUS, Surface Pro or other deviceArtRage Deluxe on CDMobile Apps
Purchased Online

If you have purchased ArtRage directly from us online:

Feel free to send a support request via our support page if you purchased ArtRage from our website and can’t locate your key and we’ll be happy to check our purchase records for you, then help you to register it on our website.

If you have a Steam version of ArtRage

  • You can find your serial number by right clicking ArtRage 4 in your Steam library and choosing ‘view CD key’.
  • You do not need a serial number as your purchase is linked to your Steam account. You do have one, which you can register in the Member Area for safekeeping, but you cannot download it from the Member Area (updates are installed via Steam). ArtRage 4 users can also access upgrade discounts to ArtRage 5 via the Member Area.

If you purchased ArtRage with a Wacom tablet:

Wacom bundles ArtRage in two different ways: CD-ROM or software download.

  • If you received ArtRage on CD with a Wacom tablet, they don’t share individual user details with us, but they print the serial number on the back of the CD sleeve.
  • If ArtRage was included as a software download, then there should be a Software Bundle Download code/key printed somewhere on the packaging. If you bought an Intuos Draw, see this page for help locating your SBD key.

    The code and distribution method varies by time, model and geographical location, and is controlled by Wacom, so we can’t guarantee this guide will always be accurate.

You would register this code at www.wacom.com, which will then unlock your software downloads and serial numbers.

You can then add ArtRage to your Wacom ‘Library’ and download it and view the serial number. You should also be able to log back in at Wacom and view your serial number again. See this Wacom guide if you get stuck.

Once you have your serial number, you can register it in the Member Area and download the latest version of ArtRage directly from us if you wish.

If you are having problems registering with Wacom, then you should contact Wacom support for assistance as we cannot help directly with their registration process.

Pre-installed on Sony, ASUS, Surface Pro or other device

If it came pre-installed on a laptop or tablet computer

This applies if ArtRage came with the following devices (or something very similar):

  • ASUS EEE Slate EP121
  • Surface Pro 2
  • Any Sony PC

To find your serial:

  • Go to Help > Change Serial Number if it is installed and working

If you have uninstalled ArtRage or upgraded Windows and lost the program:

  • Contact the manufacturer for support

If it came on a CD with an Adesso CyberTablet

  • The serial number can be found either around the central bottom area of the CD sleeve or the installation CD.

If any of the above methods fails

  • Contact us via our support page (we do not have direct access to serial numbers sold through third parties, but sometimes we can help).
ArtRage Deluxe on CD

If you purchased ArtRage Deluxe

  • Ambient Design does not have any information on Registration Keys for ArtRage Deluxe. You will need to contact your vendor for further information or contact the publisher via SmithMicro Support.
Mobile Apps

If you have an iOS version from the iTunes App Store, an Android app from the Play Store or Samsung GALAXY Apps, or ArtRage Touch from the Windows Store

  • You do not have a serial number. Registration and updates are handled using the app store account that you purchased with.

My registration key / serial number is not accepted when I enter it

If you receive an error indicating that your ArtRage product key is not valid, please check the following…

Note: The serial number can also be known by some as the registration key, license code or product key, it means the same thing.

Unlocking ArtRage

Before you can use ArtRage for the first time you will need to unlock it using your Serial Number. Your Serial Number is a 25 digit number that you should have received when you purchased the product.

If you purchased ArtRage from us online your Serial Number will be in the email that contains your product download link. If you received ArtRage on CD you will need to check the CD cover or the contents of the box it came in.

When you start ArtRage for the first time you will be presented with the Unlock Panel. If you follow the instructions on this panel, enter your Serial Number then click OK the product should be unlocked. If you enter your Serial Number and it does not work please check the number you are entering carefully to make sure there are no mistakes. If you received the number in an email you can copy it from the email and paste it in to the panel using the button provided. If that still does not work please use the ArtRage Support Page to request support.

ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro

ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro serial numbers are 25 characters long, split in to groups of 5. If your serial number is not accepted when you enter it, please make sure you have copied it correctly. You can paste it in to the Unlock panel using the button provided.

ArtRage 2

Artrage keys are 20 digits long, so if you are entering a different number of digits, check that it is being read correctly. If you are copying and pasting the registration key, make sure that you are not copying any additional spaces or additional information, just the key itself.

Common Typo Mistakes

You might have mistyped your product key. Try retyping it carefully, making sure each character is correct.

What you see:It could be:
Letter “O”Number Zero “0”
Letter “I”Number One “1”
Letter “S”Number Five “5”
Letter “B”Number Eight “8”
Letter “W”Two Letters “V” “V”
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